LIFE Calendar

To see more information about a program, simply click on the name. To see a list of the program categories, click the downward-pointing blue arrow on the top right of the calendar, just to the right of the "Agenda" tab. You can also deselect categories to view only those in which you are interested.

You can also view the calendar in a weekly or daily view by selecting the "Weekly" or "Agenda" tabs at the top right. Scroll through months by selecting the Left or Right arrows on the upper left, or by clicking the arrow next to the month name. The different calendar views can be printed using the print icon next to the "Weekly" tab, though there is no guarantee that all activities or calendar views will print completely or correctly.

 = Computers; Business & Finance   
 = Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Wellness, and Sports   
 = Holidays, Special Events, Movies

 = Outdoor life & licensing; Science & Nature; Swimming   
 = Parents & Parenting   
 = Reading, Language, Arts, & Creativity

 = Seniors Activities   
 = Youth Activities

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